inspired from a Tumblr quotation, put in italics

my eyes landed on your face,

and time seemed to slow to a



our first meeting was not a particularly interesting one

or one that garners much attention–

as a story, it is really rather

dull and


it wasn’t as if the heavens sang a prayer

or Cupid scampered around Olympia,

shouting of his success.

our love was not

love at first sight

(in any case, I do not believe in such fairytales

that more often than not create heartache and disappointment)

our story was different,

rather, it was a sort of


a sort of calmness.

a genuine understanding.

it was as if the universe aligned in perfect formation,

and we knew.



i smiled shyly and gave you a small wave.

the stars twinkled just a little bit brighter,

and the future seemed just a tiny bit more hopeful.

it’s you.

it’s going to be you.


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