inspired by the Illiad, an epic by Homer.


the war makes human screams seem arbitrary and forsaken

as if the deaths of many were prepared for in advance, and

as if the leaders knew the consequences

and proceeded thereafter. did they not?

cries of agony sing through the tents

and weeps of anguish sweep through the skies.

it is then, i wonder, if man remembers what he fights for–

no, not the shallow conquest of land or kleos*,

but the conquering of fellow human lives that renders them slaves to Death.

does thou truly delight in such proceedings?


somewhere, far off in the forest, a man bids adieu to the woman he loves.

the war, he says, is necessary and will make even a bigger man out of him.

the woman weeps in response.

elsewhere, far off in the isle, a man sings a sweet goodbye to the woman he cherishes.

the war, he says, is necessary and will make even a bigger man out of him.

the woman weeps in response.


the men sail in ships full of cargo and pride– each one believing that they alone will win the war.

spoils taunt their minds as they think of gold and caverns of women– time* proves to be a deadly handicap.

they finally meet in a purgatory of sorts

green surrounds the armies as captains and admirals look over maps;

dots represent the men they wish to kill because

kings have learned of the strength that exists in the absence of humanity.

the two aforementioned ready their spears and sharpen their knives,

a flash of the helmet* spurs the armies on

as men and bronze clash together in a firework display fit for Zeus and his company.

rash decisions are made and rational men turn into monsters of Hades*.

it does not help for the enemy to consider the alternative of peace.


what is it that makes humanity cave in to the crusades?

Oh, immortal gods of history past!– answer me this:

what has our kind never learned?

our lives are more similar than one would care to admit

the hearth beckons and calls to every man, no matter the origin.

why is humanity so easily forgotten in the face of war?

the war that renders children as orphans and wives as widows,

remaining populations become plundered and raped.

Mercy weeps at humanity’s door;

Love is cast aside and forgotten forevermore.


*kleos: a Greek term for honor that is derived from the possession of objects

*time: a Greek term for honor that is derived from the immortality of legends and prose

*”a flash of the helmet”: a Homeric term used in The Illiad

*Hades: the Greek god of Death who rules the Underworld




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