____ liked your photo.


social media can be beneficial for those

who don’t have security issues.

for those who are confident in themselves

and don’t mind

posting a selfie or two.

the likes that they receive

are irrelevant–

they post pictures because they like them

and they like sharing their thoughts.


I, however, am on the other side of the spectrum.

my photos get edited

and changed

and left behind, because I didn’t like the way that they looked.

likes are important

and signify acceptance or appreciation.

I worry about posting too much

or being annoying

or self-absorbed and vain.

for me, social media has taken a turn

for the worse.


heĀ liked my photo.

the one that I spent forever on.

the one that actually isn’t of me,

because I am too self-conscious to take one.

the one that I re-wrote the caption for

at least four times.

the one that I debated about before posting,

worrying that others wouldn’t like it.


it paid off, I guess.

he liked it.

silent companionship becomes slightly more bearable

when he actually, directly, likes something of yours.

even if it’s on social media

and he didn’t talk directly to me.


“____ liked your photo.”

I smile.