Hello! Welcome to A Seed Before a Rose, taken from the song “Roots before Branches” from when I was a middle-schooler obsessed with Glee and slightly too sentimental.

The sentimental aspect hasn’t changed too much, and I still (guiltily) love Glee, but now I am seventeen, embarking on my last year of high school.

My name is Love and I live in the Midwest of the United States, with parents hailing from Taiwan. Who am I? I am an INFJ, a Ravenclaw, Scorpio, and a Dragon. I am a dance-loving, spoken word-adoring, art creating, musical theater-idolizing, multi-lingual, Calculus-loving, trig-hating, academically-obsessed (scared?) teenager. I love Sarah Kay, reading medical memoirs, and digging holes full of existential crises and emotion. Maybe the last one isn’t too healthy. I spend every single day busy doing something, running from one activity to the next. Life is too exciting to spend doing nothing! Even so, I still find that I am asleep by 11:30 most nights (the joys of being homeschooled).

My name is Love, and I try to live by it. I am sentimental, a romantic (not just “romantic”), emotional, sensitive, vulnerable. I find that I need an outlet for my emotions, otherwise they consume me and I am unable to focus on my work.  I used to write in my diary, but ever since I realized that I have to pack up my entire life and go to college in a year, and hopefully not bring 10 journals with me, I have decided to re-dedicate this blog to being that safe space. Here, I will write diary entries, reviews of various “stuff” (like movies, music, books, musicals, etc.), religious stuff (I’m a Christian), poetry, and anything else I feel like putting out into the world.

Yes, it is online. Yes, it will be read by people. Yes, those people might judge me. No, it won’t be as private as my diary used to be. But art, writing, self-expression– all of it was meant to connect humanity. I can handle a bit of vulnerability to the open internet if my words resonate with someone, even just once.




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